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Exploring how people and nature might thrive in the future in some of the world's most vulnerable places

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Our Work

We specialize in research on wildlife and development - with implications for conservation practice and protected area management - in landscapes and countries that continue to harbour very high biocultural diversity.


The Network for Conserving Central India (NCCI)

The NCCI is a network of researchers, NGOs and managers dedicated to conserving biodiversity, improving livelihoods, and fostering sustainable development in the landscapes of the Central Indian Highlands through the application of science.

Tendril Consultancy coordinates the NCCI that is supported by the DeFries Bajpai Foundation. Tendril Consultancy also administers the (DBF) small grants program.


The Center for Large Landscape Conservation (CLLC)

The Center (CLLC) develops science, crafts policy, and supports planning for use by more than 2,000 community-based conservation efforts. Together with their partners, they form a world-wide network of conservation professionals, scientists, and decision makers.

Tendril Consultancy provides leadership and research expertise at the Center.

Projects undertaken

- The Linear Safeguards for Asia (LISA) project funded by USAID:      Dr. Neelakantan led the Capacity Assessment. Mansi Monga and Satvik Parashar worked on the LISA project as well.

- The Framing Opportunities for Conservation via Understanding Safeguards in the Belt and Road Initiative (FOCUS-BRI) project funded by the Hewlett Foundation: Dr. Neelakantan is the project lead and principle investigator. Satvik Parashar and Pakhi Das work on FOCUS-BRI as well. This project is ongoing.

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Who is Tendril Consultancy?

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Amrita started Tendril Consultancy in 2020. She holds a doctorate from Columbia University (New York, the U.S.A) that she earned under the guidance of Prof. Ruth DeFries. She also has a Masters in Applied Ecology and Conservation from the University of East Anglia (the U.K.).

Early in her conservation career, Amrita gained field work experience in 3 of the world's biodiversity hotspots

1. Ecuadorian Tropical Andes - recovery of the anuran community across a forest restoration gradient

2. East African Coastal Forests in Kenya - camera trapping pilot to assess the applicability of camera traps to census the shy and endangered Ader’s duiker, and

3. Northern Dry Deciduous Forests of Madagascar - rapid biodiversity assessments and community engagement.

Amrita is a seasoned conservation and development professional with more than 15 years of experience and global expertise. She also volunteers her time across multiple efforts as part of her roles at the NCCI and CLLC. She is a founding member of the Coalition for Wildlife Corridors (India) and an active contributor to Wildlife Connect (global and India) as well as Coexistence Consortium (India). She has an interest in sustainable fashion efforts that include circular loops inspired by nature.

Dr. Amrita Neelakantan (She/Her)

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